Fontane Gurgulear at LAMOA

Kim Schoen
August 14—August 28, 2016
Le Fontane Gurgulear—Vos debe vider isto! 
In qualunque lingua, un del parolas le plus belle certo es Gurgulear. Fontane Gargarisar, Fontane 
Stuffa-Boca, Fontane Guttear, et Fontane Rost-Grasse es proxima, ma Fontane Gurgulear es le plus 
physicamente e opulente.
Del abundantia del corde le bucca parla. 
E in le cavo de nostre corpore, sonos nascer.  
Nostre buci gutta, le valvula gutta.
E le estate es le tempore quando aqua sonos 
le plus belle.
Si il vos place, reveni. 

Retorna a Fontane Gurgulear!


Fontane Gurgulear (The Drooling Fountain) is a sound sculpture that continues Schoen’s line of inquiry into the pathetic aspects of the often spectacular or propagandistic uses of fountains as emblems of power, prestige and accretions of wealth. Her work re-inserts the idea of the human body back into the mechanics of display that we are routinely confronted with.

The brochure’s text that advertises Fontane Gurgulear (featured above) is written in Occidental Language. Occidental is an invented language, devised in the 1920s by Edgar de Wahl based on various Western (Occidental) languages. In addition to the brochure, a series of posters advertising the fountain are located around the Occidental College Campus, featuring empty fountains and their exposed piping, reflected in the installation at LAMOA.

  • Los Angeles museum of art